Part namePart number
Adapter, Clamp to Connector 014-1048-12A499
Adapter, Pressure 095943
Adapter, Return 095944
Adapter 12M22F870MXS
Adapter Starter 150SG1040
Adapter male pipe / Female pipe 2040-12-16S
Adapter straight Male/Female 2040-4-6S
Adapter straight . Male/Female 2040-8-12S
Adapter reducer Male/Female 2081-12-8S
Adapter reducer Male/female 2081-24-12S
Adapter union.Male/male pipe 2083-32-32S
Adapter union male/male pipe 2084-12S-1-3/8
Adapter 90degree 2087-12-12S
Adapter 90degree 2087-2-2S
Adapter 3521D12INOX
Adapter, Connector 5868851
Adapter 7002-STYLE1
Adapter. No more procurable 7003
Adapter 7007
Adapter, Straight tube to hose AE18442K
Adapter AE18845K
Adapter AN816-4D
Adapter, Clamp to Connector DF14-1048-12-3014
Adapter MS27404-3D
Adapter, Connector R191117
Adapter YDA.210.0450